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for your heart, for your home.

Looking for a Tiny Goldendoodle Companion that will bring joy and love into your life? Look no further than GeorgiaMiniGoldendoodles.com! Our Petite and Micro Goldendoodles are not only adorable, but also bred with expert care from genetically health tested parents. Each puppy is examined, vaccinated, and dewormed by our licensed veterinarian before they are ready to go home with you.We pride ourselves on raising our puppies in our home and keeping them with their parents until the day of pick up, so they are well-socialized and ready to be your forever companion. We do not participate in, nor condone, greedy guardianships, kenneling, or lockdowns. When you adopt a puppy from us, you will receive a full contract, their first round of vaccines, a generous bring-home baby starter gift pack, and 24-hour phone support for the life of the puppy. We are committed to making sure you and your new furry friend have the best possible experience together. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey with a new Petite or Micro Goldendoodle. Give us a call now and bring home the Goldendoodle of your dreams!


PRECIOUS GIGI (19 pounds) is the mother of our Micro ToyGoldendoodles. Her puppies are expected to be 10 to 18 lbs with her husband Jack -Jack. She has a massive personality in a tiny package… her puppies will be feisty but very easy to train as Gigi is extremely intelligent and learns commands just by watching the others. Her puppies are expected to be apricot and white abstract they will be fully furnished and curly. Every pairing is approved by my veterinarian. And each puppy comes with a genetic health guarantee. 

BEAUTIFUL BAYA (24 pounds) is the mother of our Petite ToyGoldendoodles with her husband Jack -Jack. They have beautiful white and cream abstract puppies that will be fully furnished and curly. Baya’s temperament is extraordinary. She is a gentle loving calm Mini Goldendoodle. Her puppies will be between 15 and 25 lbs.

Meet SILLY JACK -JACK, the proud father of our Petite and Micro ToyGoldendoodles. He is an 8 lb white CKC registered Toy poodle. He is affectionate spunky and playful. He is highly intelligent and easily trained. His tiny size is crucial in creating Petite and Micro ToyGoldendoodles.

  • Once our puppies start on moist/dry food they are kept on a strict 9pm – 7am bedtime schedule. All Puppies are raised right in our home, uncaged, and have around the clock 24/7 care. 
  • Puppies are socialized; playing daily with each other, their parents, and members of our family. They have free access to the entire house.
  • Each litter is given their first round of vaccinations & de-wormer by our licensed veterinarian.
  • They are eligible for pick up after a clean bill of health from the vet and eight weeks of age.

About the Breeder

Rescuing was my dream and my passion. It brought me love and joy. It brings me great pleasure to use my passion and experience to share and spread that love through loyal beautiful intelligent Goldendoodles.

. – Skyla

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